Living through the events of 2020, 2021, and into the future (with no foreseeable end in sight) we recognize that the 1st Amendment, the right to SPEAK FREELY, has undergone the most brutal assault. Big tech giants, globalist corporations, and an evil government now dictate what American’s are allowed to say, instead of the Constitution. But take heart, Patriot! There are hundreds of thousands of people that now stand with us and are dedicated to speaking TRUTH to POWER – for real!

While we do not necessary condone or agree with every single thing that each channel below says, we DO AGREE that YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO THINK FOR YOURSELF, RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF, AND DECIDED FOR YOURSELF! But fair warning – once you start down the rabbit hole of research, it is deep, it is long, and it is connected.

The Stew Peters Show (Podcast – link to Apple) – Stew does a daily podcast focused on corruption & governmental over-reach.

Steak for Breakfast Podcast (link to Apple) – Bi-weekly show discussing current news events with great guest commentators

Steve Bannon War Room (website) – Love him or hate him, Bannon has on some of the best guests speaking truth on the daily.

The Crowd House (Website) – speakers of truth, conspiracy theories explored, and lots of video.