About Us


The Ozark Patriots are a political action group aimed at keeping our God-given and constitutional freedoms intact by getting involved at all levels of local, county and state government.


Our mission is to advance and foster the Constitution of the United States and the God-given rights of citizens in the Ozarks. We will make our beliefs known, and proudly defend our beliefs against those who disrespect our Republic – whether in schools, businesses or organizations. We will oppose those who want to detract from, or erase, our steadfast belief in God, our faith in our Country, our pride in our culture and our trust in our heritage.  As Ozark Patriots, we will not be silenced or intimidated. We will reach out to our fellow citizens to unite to fight steadfastly against tyranny, over-reach, and injustice. As proud Americans, we will defend the Ozarks from the broad tentacles of Socialism, and stand in the gap for those who are unable to fight for themselves.