American Freedom Conference

We were so very pleased and honored to put together the very first Ozark Patriots American Freedom Conference this past weekend. 

All three guest speakers – Elisa Arias, Henry Campfield, and Jan Morgan delivered great info and are helping us to define our direction as we head into 2022, and we are extremely grateful for the generous amount of time and resources they provided.

Elisa Arias lost her father to COVID at BRMC under suspicious circumstances, at a time when family was not allowed to be in the COVID ward with patients, but a NYT film crew was. Together with her mom and sister, she is fighting valiantly to not only uncover the truth about her father’s death, but to organize and advocate for other citizens of Baxter County who lost loved ones as well. At a time when medical tyranny is rearing its ugly head across the nation, we are beginning to see class acton lawsuits and accountability come into play. We will be hearing much more from Elisa in the days and weeks to come!

Henry Campfield is running for Baxter County Sheriff as a constitutional conservative. In other words, a TRUE Republican.

As we all know, and Jan states remarkably well in the video clip, our nation is changing almost daily. And while it can be very scary and frustrating to watch and experience, we must remember that our Founders fought a battle that also seemed insurmountable, and they came out victorious.

A HUGE thank you to the following Organizing Committee members who did an AMAZING job of pulling this event together on very short notice:

  • Tom Bryant for providing the AV & audio support
  • Paul & Meghan Cauthorn
  • Thomas Dunham
  • Jeremy Fenner & Fam (thanks for DJing!)
  • Beth & Randy Sandland
  • Brett Vaughn

We also wish to thank the Ozark Patriots members who attended, as well as the members of the public who took it upon themselves to set aside football and other events to spend time with us talking about saving our nation and protecting our freedoms.

To see all of the guest speakers at the event, visit our Telegram channel.